Mission & History

The mission of Richcroft is to create opportunities and cultivate relationships that enable every person to live their best life.

Core Values


Empathy and kindness go a long way.  Richcroft has built a culture where inclusion and respect for everyone are a defining part of our identity.


We embrace the culture of Servant Leadership. We achieve success by enabling the success of others, both people we support and team members.


Given our responsibility to each other and the people we support, behaving ethically is a critical part of our success. Continuing to do the right thing is integral to our beliefs.


We have a chance to make a difference for so many: the individuals we support, families, our team, our community, and ourselves. We provide experiences that create results.


We believe in a workplace where it’s safe to try new things—where we can push the boundaries and learn from things that don’t always go according to plan. We strive for a just and blameless culture that respects all people as individuals and paves the way to genuine learning and improvement.




Richcroft began with the opening of eight homes, serving twenty-four people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities in Howard County.


Richcroft opened homes in Carroll County.  Dave Coughlin was hired as the CEO of Richcroft.


Richcroft opened homes in Harford County.  


Richcroft opened homes in Baltimore County.


Richcroft began providing personal support services to individuals living in their own home or with family.


Richcroft began providing Supported Living services to individuals living in their own homes.  Dave Coughlin retired and Kevin Drumheller was hired as the CEO of Richcroft.


As an alternative to the traditional group home setting, Richcroft began offering Shared Living Supports, an experience where individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to live in a family home environment.  


In 2022, Richcroft began offering Community Development Services (CDS), a 100% community-based day service, to provide individuals the opportunity to develop new skills, expand their social networks, and build their independence.