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Richcroft is a residential and personal support company with a clear vision to make the world a better place. Our innovative and inclusive workplace culture has been designed to help people thrive. We empower our employees through training to help them excel in their field and create opportunities to help our clients prosper.

What training is available to staff?

We provide ongoing training to all supervisors and staff members to ensure consistent and considered care. At Richcroft, we take nothing for granted — all team members receive the support they need to flourish and thrive in the care environment. We embrace the culture of "servant leadership," with success only achieved by enabling the success of others. In order to ensure safety and lifestyle opportunities for people living with disabilities, it's imperative to support and encourage a friendly and loyal team.

All Richcroft employees are provided with multiple DDA staff orientation and training programs to maximize their understanding of people with disabilities. In addition, each employee working in a direct support capacity receives training tailored to the specific needs of the client. Training programs include but are not limited to:

  • CPR
  • First aid
  • Community integration and inclusion
  • Communication skills
  • Fundamental skills
  • Supporting people and families in making choices
  • Medication administration training


Supported by the NADSP

Richcroft follows an onboarding curriculum developed by the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals. In order to provide leading care and offer extensive support services, it's important to follow industry best practices.

Working with NADSP allows us to meet national standards, exceed community expectations, and affirm all relevant compliance obligations for our sector. We know that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities deserve respect, empathy, and kindness at all times, and NADSP guidelines help us define our success.


If you would like to join a strong and supportive team of carers in the Central Maryland area, please click the button below to complete an application or contact the Director from the appropriate team and location. We look forward to receiving your application.  If you have additional questions, please email

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