Residential Services

Richcroft specializes in tailored residential care for people who deserve the very best. We currently run more than 60 residences in Harford, Carroll, Howard, and Baltimore Counties across the Central Maryland area.

We provide residential care for adults with a diverse range of intellectual and developmental disabilities. We cater to a wide array of clients across a large variety of locations and residences, including townhouses, condominiums, apartments, and single-family homes. At Richcroft, all residences are located in beautiful and safe neighborhoods — places that anyone would be happy to call home.

Residential or group homes offer a number of opportunities for people living with disabilities. In many cases, full-time residential care is the best way to meet the challenges of everyday life. Our residential homes provide safety, comfort, support, and encouragement to people of all ages and from all walks of life. We don't just make sure people are fed and clothed — we also present them with a healthy and supportive environment where they can flourish, grow, and thrive.

Benefits of residential support

Residential support offers significant advantages over individual home-based or family support programs. While this intensive level of care is not perfect for everyone, it provides the deep structural and integrated support systems that many people require.

There are numerous benefits linked with residential programs, including customized care, independence, supervision, socialization, healthcare management, integrated support services, and access to regular physical and recreational activities.

Custom care

Our residential program provides an extensive and flexible level of care that can be tailored to each person's needs. We treat each case individually and enjoy finding unique solutions that help people flourish.


Our residential program offers both support and independence. We understand the importance of a free and fulfilling environment, and that's why all Richcroft homes are located in safe neighborhoods, and many residences are completely barrier-free.

Regular supervision

We offer live-in supervisors in many of our homes, and we enjoy creating spaces where people feel safe, secure, and free to be themselves. We believe in professional responsibility, mutual respect, and support through the power of innovation.


Spending time with peers is integral to living a full and happy life. At Richcroft, we focus on socialization throughout our residential program, creating multiple opportunities for our clients to partake in group recreation activities.

Healthcare management

Residential programs require comprehensive medical support and healthcare management. We cater to people with a range of intellectual and developmental disabilities and can refer them to specialist medical practitioners when needed.

Integrated support

People who participate in the residential program have access to a variety of integrated and personal support programs, including assistance with transportation, healthcare, finances, nutrition, and vacation and leisure activities.

Regular activities

At Richcroft, we provide access to regular recreational, physical, and social activities to help people live happy and healthy lives. All activities are safe, supervised, and designed to create positive and lasting experiences.