Shared Living Supports

Shared Living is a type of residential support offered to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in Maryland. An alternative to the traditional community/group home setting for adults receiving services through Maryland’s Community Pathway’s Waiver, Shared Living allows people with IDD to live in a natural home environment of a family or individual of their choice.

Shared Living emphasizes the long-term sharing of lives, forming of caring households, and close personal relationships between a participant and the host family. Shared living is where a host family or individual opens their stable and caring home environment to an individual with a disability while providing an appropriate level of care and receiving an income to do so. Providers typically include single parents, retirees, widows/widowers – anyone with room in their heart and home to share the many experiences life has to offer.

Oftentimes, the individual supported through Shared Living becomes a permanent addition to a forever family. In other instances, where the supported individual has a goal to live independently, the provider may serve as a roommate and role model who helps the individual learn to achieve goals necessary for independent living.

Shared Living facilitates the inclusion of the supported individual into the daily life and community of their host family or supporter. Shared Living creates natural opportunities for participation in community life and oftentimes offers a greater degree of social connectedness than a typical staff/client relationship – a situation that has been shown to help some individuals thrive.

The Shared Living approach is based on a mutual relationship where both parties agree to share their lives.


Shared Living Testimonial:

What made you want to consider being a Shared Living provider to someone with a disability?

“I wanted to provide this service because the life experiences of people with disabilities can be difficult and challenging. I knew that I could provide a rewarding and empowering future where there are endless opportunities for a fulfilling life.” – Nikki

Read more about Nikki and Ashley and their Shared Living story here.


Are you compassionate, patient, and kind? 

Do you have personal or work experience with developmental disabilities or mental health? If you answered yes, you could change the life of an adult with special needs by becoming a Shared Living provider. To find out more please contact Jessica at or by calling 410-316-9542.