Our Culture of Caring

Richcroft is an innovative company with a caring culture that goes beyond conventional support. We believe in the power of people to make a difference, and we are proud to inspire positive experiences that create lasting results.

At Richcroft, we provide an array of residential care and support services for adults and children with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. From full residential care to individual and family support services, we are here to support and empower positive lifestyle changes.

In addition, we create employment opportunities for people who want to make a difference. We enjoy connecting with people who are inspired by what we do. Each person we support is provided with tailored services designed to respect their wishes and meet their needs.

Our success is measured by the success of others. Our long-term vision and consistent work ethic help to inspire positive and lasting changes.

What is servant leadership?

Many of the values integral to Richcroft can be defined by the philosophy of "servant leadership." This approach to leadership puts others front and center, with the leader sharing power and putting the needs of employees and clients first. At Richcroft, management looks after staff members, and employees look after residents and clients to ensure the best level of care is made possible.

Commitment, respect, and inspiration

Richcroft is 100% committed to the individuals we support and is equally invested in the staff members who make this support possible. We believe in helping people to live their fullest life, and we offer ongoing guidance and encouragement to help transform goals into opportunities.

At Richcroft, we create an environment defined by care and encouragement. We provide a culture of inclusive support and mutual respect to inspire the people who deserve it the most.

Richcroft exists to serve the people who rely on us every day — people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who deserve the very best but don't always know how to ask for it.

We provide a wide range of support services, from full residential care to individual and family support services. The following support types are available:

Residential Services

Richcroft specializes in the provision of residential care across Central Maryland. We currently run more than 60 residences in Harford, Carroll, Howard, and Baltimore Counties. All residences are designed for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, with a diverse mix of housing available to suit all personalities, disabilities, and preferences. We currently oversee townhouses, condominiums, apartments, and single-family homes in safe and attractive neighborhoods.

Our residential care program provides a deep level of support and care tailored to the needs of each resident. Each person has unique needs, with our team creating individual programs based on each client, disability, and residence. People who participate in the program can receive a variety of supportive services, including transportation, healthcare, nutrition, financial assistance, and access to vacation and leisure activities.

Personal Support services

Richcroft offers a range of individual support services for people in need, including assistance programs for people living in their own homes. An array of individual services to support functional daily life, healthy personal activity, and rewarding community engagement are offered, as well as tailored personal care assistance, medical support, transportation, and support for social and recreational activities. Individual services are a great way to uphold the diverse needs of individual people on their own terms.

With the assistance of a direct support professional, individuals are encouraged to design and work toward their dream life. Staff assists and educates participants in various activities including learning skills focused on independent living, exploring and developing personal interests, development of relationships, as well as health and nutrition. Staff provides support with identifying and accessing community resources and additional opportunities to enhance daily life.

Supported Living

Richcroft also understands and respects the fact that some individuals may need further assistance which is why supported living is available. Individuals can receive up to 24-hour supports, including awake overnight services and they can also choose with whom and where they'd prefer to live, therefore ensuring that all services are customizable.

Richcroft staff provides support with all aspects of daily life as determined by the needs and requirements of the individual supported. This support might include personal care, cooking, cleaning, medical appointments, and community participation.

All people with various intellectual and developmental disabilities are cared for with the utmost respect and consideration. Please see the Personal Supports Page for full details.