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“Hello – It’s Me” App is Now Live

Many of us felt lonely during the pandemic, but for those with disabilities, the problem was magnified. Two years ago, Richcroft set out to change that, and we are proud to announce that at long last, our solution to the problem of loneliness within the disability community is here!

The pandemic reshaped many of the ways we interact online. From zoom meetings, to telemedicine visits, to virtual day programs, the internet helped us stay connected through one of the most challenging times in recent history. We wanted to take many of the things we learned from the pandemic, and put them to use, helping people with disabilities create and build the friendships and relationships they so desire. We know that many individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities want the same close personal relationships, emotional connections and love that define the experience of being human. So, we set out to develop an online community where social connections could be made and nurtured and individuals could thrive.

Richroft developed the Hello, It’s Me app in partnership with nationally recognized disability advocate and author, Dr. Karen Harvey, along with Focus EduSolutions, a Massachusetts-based education and e-solutions company. This accessible and user-friendly app provides multiple unique experiences and opportunities for growth and discovery. The Make-a-Friend section offers the chance to explore profiles, talk with like-minded individuals and build genuine one-on-one connections. There is a gaming section that furthers bonding with fellow subscribers through shared gameplay experiences.

What makes this app truly unique and one-of-a-kind is the educational component. Hello – It’s Me features a Stories section, which covers many of the topics and scenarios that people have told us they most want to learn more about. Each story has various points where the user makes decisions which ultimately determine how the narrative plays out! Built to model real-life situations, this fun and interactive tool guides users through topics like relationships, dating, making friends, finding a good job, managing money – real life issues we all care about. What’s even more unique about this app are the live relationship coaches that are available to help and offer guidance on these topics and many more!

In addition to being part of this growing community of people with I/DD from all across the country, signing up for Hello – It’s Me gets you an invitation to live virtual social events, dance parties, karaoke, and a  unlimited number of new experiences hosted through the app.

Hello, It’s Me is welcoming to all and is now available on Android and iOS along with a web browser version for PC users with disabilities who utilize assistive technology tools on their computers. For more information on Hello – It’s Me please visit the website https://hello-itsme.com/ or check it out on the app store today!