The Richcroft Experience



"When we began a search for a home for our daughter, I had conversations with staff members at Richcroft. The happiness, professionalism, attention to detail and the systems to keep our daughter safe impressed my wife and I very much.

Our daughter has been living under the Richcroft umbrella for more than a year and the experience has been amazing. The staff, each one of them, treats our daughter so well. They communicate with my wife and I on a regular basis and help our daughter maintain healthy habits that promote good personal hygiene. Just as important to me, the staff reinforces the wishes of my wife and I with our daughter.

Richcroft runs a really dynamic ship. Seeing it from the inside reinforces what I’m trying to do to help raise awareness about the organization."

     -        John Carver, Board Member, Parent of Supported Individual


“Even before my daughter Gracia moved into Richcroft housing, Ms. Monique went out of her way to get to know her.    She met with me for several hours on her own time and since then she has been on the same page as our family with regards to Gracie’s medical, nutritional and exercise needs, behavior issues and strategies, etc. Monique is a mother figure to Gracie. She is caring, loving and firm; making sure that Gracie lives up to her potential of maturity and independence. My daughter put it this way, “My mum and Ms. Monique are like one head with two bodies,” meaning that without consulting each other,  Ms. Monique and I have the same approach as to what is good for Gracie and what we expect of her. Gracie can’t get away with anything!

When Gracie was home during a winter break she was participating in a virtual book club at JCS. Gracia missed Ms. Monique, so Monique bought the book that the club was reading and on Saturdays on her own time, she would take turns with Gracie reading the book. She did this because she knew it was important to Gracie.

All the staff at the Richcroft are not people just doing a job. They truly care for my daughter.”

                    -       Christine Zuzarte, Parent of Supported Individual


"When I came to Richcroft, I had four other agencies make offers. Richcroft wasn’t the one offering the most money at the time. It was the welcoming nature and the fact that I met directly with the Residential Director and the individuals I was going to be supporting that made me feel attracted to the organization. I immediately felt connected. I have been offered many trainings and certifications and opportunities to advance. When I was first offered the position of RS, I turned it down. I have a son with special needs and I didn’t want to overcommit myself, or have to overly excuse myself from work because of family responsibilities. But Richcroft has been very flexible. When I was again promoted to Program Manager, the father of one of our individuals said, 'Please make sure the new RS is just like Victor!' That made my day."

               -       Victor Godfrey, Program Manager


           "My job is important because I get to make a difference in someone's life everyday."

               -       Rick Broyles, DSP