Richcroft Personal Supports

Volunteering in Our Communities

At Richcroft, we love the fact that our supported individuals are like family members — we learn as much from them as they do from us! Our culture of caring means that we support each other and respect each other’s wants and needs. We also understand that others in the community need a helping hand from time to time.  If we can offer some support, we will do our best to pitch in! Providing our supported individuals the opportunity to get involved is important to us because they can practice the skills they’ve worked so hard to develop.

Enrichment opportunities such as these benefit everyone involved. All participants feel they are working towards a common goal, as part of a team, and on the same level. Recently, Richcroft had the pleasure of partnering with an organization called ShareBaby – a non-profit which supports young families who have been deeply affected by the pandemic. ShareBaby’s mission is to address the basic, unmet needs of Baltimore’s most vulnerable young children and families through the distribution of diapers and other essential items.” Through the generosity of volunteers and community support, ShareBaby delivers more than 200,000 diapers and other essentials to families in Baltimore every month — an incredible feat! 

Last month, we got involved by participating in a ShareBaby volunteering event with 15 of our supported individuals. The event was a huge success! Our volunteers delivered the supplies they had gathered with the help of Richcroft’s staff and then spent the day counting, wrapping, and eventually packing diaper bundles for the families in Baltimore. They had a good time along the way! Not only were our supported individuals able to contribute to the community in a meaningful way, but they were also so pleased to be able to meet new people, interact with friends and peers, and discover hidden talents!

Richcroft would like to recognize staff members Vicki Hineline and Tracy Chavis for their roles in helping to organize and staff the event, along with all of our amazing volunteers who helped community members in need on an early Saturday morning. We could not have done it without you. Thank you also to ShareBaby for allowing us to give back and to participate in such a meaningful event. We look forward to continuing to volunteer and helping Baltimore’s most vulnerable families.