Announcing our FY2023 Strategic Plan

Our mission here at Richcroft has always been about putting our people first. Whether it’s assisting our individuals with customized support or prioritizing our staff’s happiness, our compassionate, caring culture is what defines us. 

In July, Richcroft board members and leadership staff joined together for our Annual Board Strategic Planning Retreat. The event marked the culmination of our FY22 strategic planning process, where objectives and goals from the previous year were reviewed, achievements were recognized and celebrated and a bold new plan for the year ahead was created.

 “The strategic planning process has always been an important opportunity for staff and board members to work together to create a road map for the organization’s future,” says Kevin Drumheller, Richcroft’s CEO. “Given the ongoing pandemic and the constantly changing landscape, long-term planning has become even more challenging and more important. We’ve all had to change the way we operate during the pandemic. Now we’re taking what we’ve learned and putting those lessons in innovation to good use.”

Over the past several years, Richcroft’s board and staff have worked hard to minimize the impact of the crisis on those we serve. Despite all of the uncertainty the pandemic has brought with it, Richcroft is thriving. While many organizations were forced to close down during the pandemic, Richcroft’s services nearly doubled, and for the past two years we have been providing around the clock services to many of the individuals who call a Richcroft house their home.

Additionally, thanks to the support of many caring and generous individuals and businesses, we were able to officially launch our new meaningful day services last month! By the end of fiscal year 2023, we hope to serve more than 50 individuals daily in our Community Development ServicesCDS program in Baltimore and Harford Counties, with a plan to expand to each county where Richcroft offers services. With a 94% occupancy rate in our residential program, we believe that we are the provider individuals and families know and trust, and our new day program will create the opportunities and experiences which will help our individuals truly thrive.

As we work to deliver on the promise of our mission, our new 2023 strategic plan will focus on three key result areas: 1) quality supports; 2) engaged team members; and 3) financial excellence.

We understand that times are difficult and that’s why we are proud to report that we have once again increased the starting wage for our direct support professionals (DSP) — a total of 35% in just two years. As a bonus, we have also added a weekend differential rate — another step in our journey of looking after our current staff, and rewarding their efforts to support our mission. We are also partnering with the National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals E-Badge Academy as a means of providing a career ladder program for our DSPs. Richcroft believes in promoting from within and any DSP that successfully completes the E-Badge academy will receive a $1,000 bonus and will be first to be considered for any promotions.

In addition to attracting, developing, and retaining a talented team of direct support professionals, some of our other strategic plan goals include creating a pipeline for certified nursing assistants and geriatric nursing assistantsCNA/GNA staff, launching the new “Hello, It’s Me” app, and securing $100,000 in new grant revenue. We also hope to increase awareness of Richcroft and our mission, so if you or someone you love could benefit from the services and supports we offer, or you would like to become more involved with our mission, please reach out to us today!